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Redeemer Lutheran School

How a school with limited security staff developed a highly-leveraged verkada security program.

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At BrightWatch we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation. Our mission is to continuously redefine safety standards, setting a remarkable pace for the entire security sector.


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“From my experience, BrightWatch’s security solutions are more than cutting edge; they’re a game-changer, providing us with unparalleled safety and peace of mind.”
– Kevin Lovell, Director of Facilities


Located in Austin, Texas, Redeemer Lutheran School has been a cornerstone of exemplary education in the Austin area for over 65 years. Their state-of-the-art campus currently serves a thriving community of 500+ students. With a significant volume of on-campus traffic, ensuring the safety of their students and staff became paramount.
In light of this necessity, Redeemer Lutheran School turned to BrightWatch to enhance their security program. Kevin Lovell, the Facility Director at Redeemer, played a pivotal role in this decision. Drawing from his prior experience and in-depth knowledge of BrightWatch’s capabilities during his tenure at Lago Vista ISD, Lovell promptly recruited BrightWatch for this crucial security enhancement. Kevin strongly advocated for BrightWatch’s solutions, knowing well their approach to solving problems within strict budget and timeline parameters.  
Redeemer Lutheran School

The Challenge

Redeemer Lutheran School encountered significant challenges due to limited security staff, posing a vulnerability to their security infrastructure. Adding to the complexity were budget constraints and ongoing implementation hurdles. However, BrightWatch’s consultative approach led to a phased implementation plan that achieved Redeemer’s goals despite these obstacles.
Immediately upon the installation of Verkada, BrightWatch was able to showcase their capabilities. An incident involving an intruder underscored existing blind spots, leading to a proactive response from the school’s leadership. They bolstered security by installing additional cameras, access control systems, and other measures.
BrightWatch’s comprehensive coverage has led to smoother operations, instilling a sense of comfort among the school’s community, knowing that all activities on the premises are diligently monitored. This heightened security has allowed the organization to maximize the efficiency of its security measures, empowering staff with 24/7 camera access in their pockets. Consequently, the school is now better equipped to handle any security concerns they might encounter, significantly enhancing overall safety. Verkada School Security
BrightWatch Installed Verkada CD-52E

Customer Satisfaction and Care

Kevin emphasizes the exceptional customer service provided by BrightWatch. He knows he can count on easy open communication to BrightWatch Leadership and he appreciates the informative and timely responses whenever he reaches out. Lovell notes that BrightWatch prioritizes the customer’s best interests and consistently goes the extra mile in taking care of the security program. As Redeemer Lutheran School expands, they aim to acquire additional equipment to further enhance their security.
Verkada School Security
Eric Aronson (left) with Kevin Lovell (right)

The Results

Through the seamless integration of Verkada’s award-winning security platform, BrightWatch has delivered cutting-edge security solutions at Redeemer Lutheran School. The results have been transformative. The utilization of BrightWatch’s products has showcased a significant enhancement in security operations, marked notably by an impressive increase in response time and a substantial reduction in security incidents.
Kevin concludes, “BrightWatch has allowed for everyone in our organization to feel more comfortable knowing that we can see everything that goes on. We are far better prepared for any concerns or issues that we might have with a child or if something is broken into.”