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Environmental Sensors

See why industry experts choose BrightWatch solutions to scale security and simplify management for every industry.

BrightWatch implements an all-in-one multifaceted environmental sensor that paves the way for new insights and intelligent monitoring

Environmental Sensor

Product Overview

As an integrator on the forefront of security technology and usability, we offer an all-in-one sensor where some of the most vital readings are bundled together in a single device. This versatile device seamlessly integrates with other components of the Verkada family, such as the cameras to gain visual receipts of events that triggered an action from the sensor. These integrations close the gap between an action from a device and contextual information that has the ability to accelerate any investigative process. 

The eight sensors that are embedded in the device with the intention to ensure a safe and healthy environment are:

  • Temperature
  • Total Volatile Organic compounds (TVOC)
  • Air Quality Index
  • Noise
  • PM 2.5
  • Vape Detection
  • Humidity
  • Motion

Environmental Sensor

Monitoring Environments

Have the autonomous ability to stay ahead of changes!

The highly customizable portal software gives way to easily configurable data streams and specialized alerts. 

These alerts can take the form of notification pushes in the context of unusual activities. Since these are customizable, alerts and notifications can be triggered on any desirable condition. The portal software provides an in depth breakdown of all the readings and personalized graphs and charts pertaining to each reading (or an interaction of compatible readings). The comprehensive visualization of this information allows for the understanding of certain trends that give way to new insights that could easily be overlooked. 

Another display of the device’s versatility is in the variety of locations it can be used in. Although there are countless more applications, these are some of the most common use-cases:

Server Rooms
Restrooms & Locker Rooms
Manufacturing Floors
Storage Rooms
Property Management

Visualize and Analyze Data

This product has provided clients unparalleled visibility into their environments. From monitoring the air quality across a building, to ensuring IDF closets don’t overheat, to detecting and preventing unwanted behavior such as vaping in bathrooms, environmental sensors have enabled our customers to learn about and manage their environments in new ways.

The Environmental Sensor Dashboards act as a median for clients to easily customize, view, analyze, and display data across all of their sensors.

The figure on the right displays how these dashboards provide our clients with a unified view of their environment across multiple sensor readings.