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Security Solutions

See why industry experts choose BrightWatch solutions to scale security and simplify management for every industry.

BrightWatch implements enterprise video security & access control solutions utilizing the most advanced AI capabilities.

Security Solutions

Video Security

BrightWatch is helping enterprises of all configurations replace their obsolete video security systems with technology that’s smart, scalable, and future friendly.

We’re replacing systems that oftentimes are unpredictable, bandwidth-intensive, hard to manage and scale, with feature-rich, centrally managed (browser-based), easy to implement platforms that are taking weight off IT Department personnel in ways most managers have not realized.

Security Solutions

Video Security Features

Some key features include but are not limited to

  • Quickly find events and share them in ways never before possible
  • Cameras act like sensors and use AI to reveal actionable information in real time
  • Proactive security alerts help our clients stay ahead of threats
  • People and Vehicle analytics
  • Completely remote access via a browser or apps for Android and iOs
  • Minimal bandwidth impact with recording video locally – available on the cloud via encrypted thumbnails
  • Unlimited cloud archiving
  • Automatic ongoing feature and security updates

A live feed of the Texas State Capitol