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Working at BrightWatch

Embark on a career where innovation meets security. Join BrightWatch and help us protect enterprises with cutting-edge solutions.

Our mission:

At BrightWatch, our mission is to create safer, more secure environments for schools, industries, and communities across America. We are committed to pioneering advanced security solutions that safeguard our nation’s future. By integrating state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge, we strive to set new standards in security and protection.

What We Do

By approaching physical security with a software-first mindset and hiring the best people to tackle challenges in the biggest market you’ve probably never thought of, we’re setting the new standard of security for modern enterprises.

BrightWatch Technicians

BrightWatch Technicians are the backbone of our on-site operations, expertly installing and configuring advanced security systems to ensure the highest standards of safety. Our team is committed to excellence, ensuring each installation is performed with precision and integrity to meet the unique needs of every client.

BrightWatch Operations

The BrightWatch Sales team plays a crucial role in connecting clients with our cutting-edge security solutions. With a deep understanding of both the technical aspects and the specific needs of each client, our sales professionals are adept at crafting tailored proposals that ensure optimal protection and satisfaction. Their strategic approach and commitment to excellence drive our company’s growth and help secure a safer future for all.

BrightWatch Sales

The BrightWatch Operations team is the vital hub that keeps our company's gears turning smoothly, handling a diverse array of critical task. Their expertise in creating estimates, managing logistics, supporting on-site technicians, and strategizing for business growth ensures that every aspect of our operation runs efficiently and effectively, supporting our mission to provide top-tier security solutions.

Why Work at BrightWatch?

Innovative Security Solutions

At BrightWatch, you'll be at the forefront of technological advancements in security systems. Our team continuously explores and integrates the latest innovations to stay ahead in the industry.

Impactful Work

Join us to make a tangible difference in the safety of schools, industries, and communities across America. Your work at BrightWatch not only protects assets but also secures lives.

Dynamic Work Environment

Every day at BrightWatch brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. Our fast-paced environment ensures that no two days are the same, keeping your work engaging and exciting.

Career Advancement Opportunities

BrightWatch is committed to the professional development of our employees. With a variety of roles and projects, you have the opportunity to advance and specialize in your career path.

Job Openings

Come and join the BrightWatch team