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BrightWatch is a team of security industry professionals who saw the need for vastly improved offerings in video surveillance and other physical security-related technologies.

We recognized the call to bring more reliability, scalability and accountability to our clients physical security projects and that the technology was evolving to do just that.

We bring our expertise to a broad range of clients of all makeups, sizes, and locations. We currently serve clients in a wide variety of sectors in 50 states and Canada and Mexico.

Many of these existing customers had previously dealt with outdated legacy systems and the myriad problems they create but are experiencing the ease of use, simplicity and economy that a new generation of physical security tech brings. BrightWatch is bringing this new tech to bear on old problems at a feverish pace.

Leadership Team

BrightWatch implements enterprise video security & access control solutions utilizing the most advanced AI capabilities.


We have expertise with implementations of every scale and we’re proud to say that we’ve implemented more Verkada components than any other partner.

  • Leader in delivering innovative solutions
  • Expertise with implementations of every scale
  • Vast experience with a broad range of clients of all makeups, sizes, and locations.
  • Consultation, installation, training & oversight

Unlike many traditional integrators who are slow to adapt new tech and rely on Managed Service Agreements and “rolling their trucks” to generate revenue, we’re helping our clients migrate away from their legacy systems and in the process to leave behind the multitude of problems associated with them.

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BrightWatch Leadership Team

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VP Sales & Marketing

BrightWatch CEO Eric Aronson




Account Executive

Smarter video security solutions

BrightWatch offers a wide range of enterprise security cameras, including durable indoor and outdoor domes, discreet minis, and panoramic fisheyes. All cameras include powerful onboard processing to analyze footage at the edge, streamlining the process to provide users with near-instant results when filtering through footage for meaningful activity.

BrightWatch installs and implements the most innovative, enterprise cloud-controlled video & access control solutions available. On-demand views of your space and hand-held control of all access points provide security you can see. With BrightWatch you can operate with confidence and literally SEE SO MUCH MORE.