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Access Control

See why industry experts choose BrightWatch solutions to scale security and centralize all measures for every industry.

BrightWatch implements versatile access control solutions utilizing the most advanced AI capabilities and a variety of savvy accessories.

Security Solutions

Access Control

Finally, Access Control that is simple to manage.

No more on-site servers locked down by your security integrator requiring a site visit (and fee) to make simple changes to your user base or door schedule. No thin clients or port forwards.

We’re helping our customers deftly move away from their cumbersome legacy access systems to systems with limitless scalability, native video integration and completely cloud-based management. Continuously updated with automatic software updates bring our clients the latest features as well as security enhancements. Our clients can manage all the doors across their enterprise from any web-based device.

Security Solutions

Access Control

Intuitive configuration

Quickly configure customized access settings across your organization.

Unparalleled visibility

Add Verkada context cameras to access controlled doors for enhanced security and visibility.

Insights at a glance

See a live Floorplan of building and security system activity to get critical insights at a glance.

End-to-end credential management

Manage user credentials in Command through automated provisioning, de-provisioning, and simplified badge design.

One-tap Lockdown

Manage user credentials in Command through automated provisioning, de-provisioning, and simplified badge design.

Video Surveillance

Installing with BrightWatch

BrightWatch is a team of security industry professionals who saw the need for vastly improved offerings in video surveillance and other physical security-related technologies.

We recognized the call to bring more reliability, scalability and accountability to our clients physical security projects and that the technology was evolving to do just that.

We bring our expertise to a broad range of clients of all makeups, sizes, and locations. We currently serve clients in a wide variety of sectors in 50 states and Canada and Mexico.

Many of these existing customers had previously dealt with outdated legacy systems and the myriad problems they create but are experiencing the ease of use, simplicity and economy that a new generation of physical security tech brings. BrightWatch is bringing this new tech to bear on old problems at a feverish pace.